Sydney air pollution level is quite worrying as NSW Health has issued a warning against the same for people with respiratory problems. The regulator has indicated that the level of ozone in the atmosphere has risen to such an extent that those having breathing problems might have to suffer. Along with the Sydney weather, the atmospheric condition across Sydney has also been studied with such worrisome results.

The presence of hot weather that combined with pollution has led to the increase in the level of harmful ozone. The state health authorities have, therefore, asked patients with breathing issues to take care as Sydney air pollution level is to increase high. On the other hand the Bureau of Meteorology has claimed the quality of Sydney air to be poor on Tuesday. The forecaster stated that it was expected that mercury is believed to reach as high as 31 degrees in the main city while it will be as high as 37 degrees in the western suburb.

NSW Health Releases Statement Against Increasing Sydney Air Pollution

NSW Health’s Environment Health Branch’s Director Ben Scalley confirmed that the ozone levels were expected to rise in the western suburb. He did not forget to mention that it was a usual phenomenon that occurred every summer. “It’s important that people with respiratory diseases, such as asthma, follow their action plan and use their relieving medication if necessary,” he said on Tuesday referring to the increasing level of Sydney air pollution.

According to BoM, Sydney weather on Wednesday will hit a top of 38 degrees. On Thursday, the temperature is expected to be down to 27 degrees. The temperature, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, will thereby increase again to 33 degrees and 31 degrees on Friday and Saturday respectively.

Though ozone is becoming the cause of Sydney air pollution, it is one of the most important components of the atmosphere. It occurs in the stratosphere, also called the ozone layer. The layer helps in restricting the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun to the earth’s surface.

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