The prospect of incomes being taken care of has long been in discussions and has been an intriguing idea across the political sphere. Switzerland is all set to place the proposal of a universal basic income scheme before the public for a national referendum on June 5.

Under the scheme, every citizen will be paid a fixed amount, expected to be around 2500 Swiss Francs (AU$3,482) irrespective of their requirements for their whole lives. The income, however, will be deducted from the monthly salary of those who are employed.

According to the Basic Income Switzerland campaigners, the money, which is a human right, will allow citizens to put up with the cost of living in the country. The system will allow people to be free from the constraints that keep them from choosing what they want. The group advocating for the universal basic income also argued that it will make way for innovation as there will be greater demand for technology to do the trifling tasks.

“The basic income strengthens the trend to automate such tasks. It creates the possibility for innovation,” the campaign claimed as quoted by the “It gives time for reflection and creates possibilities for experiences we cannot pay for.”

The economy is shifting towards an all-encompassing digital system and people will need money to be able to buy the apps and gadgets created by the system.

The Guardian reported that according to a recent poll by the Dalia Research, 68 percent of people from the 28 EU nations are in favor of the universal basic income. Netherlands and the Finland have projects in the queue.

The print on the ballot paper said that the referendum is being held to call for a change in the Swiss constitution to “guarantee the introduction of an unconditional basic income,” as well as “a humane existence and participation in public life for the whole population.”