For the diehard fans of Switchfoot out there, here is a reason for you to feel elated. Alternative rock band Switchfoot has announced the availability of their latest album, “Where The Light Shines Through” for pre-order.   The album is going to hit the market soon.  Read on to know the full tracklist and where to download?

According to a press release, Switchfoot is going to launch “Where The Light Shines Through” on July. This album will be the tenth one by the group and the first to follow “Fading West,” which got favorable reviews from critics in 2014.

Produced in association with “The Beautiful Letdown” writer, John Fields, the latest album by Switchfoot also represents another key feat for the group. It heralds the group’s return to the independent arena and a career which is dotted with rejuvenation, renaissance, and longevity, reports Breathe Cast

In a journal, Jon Foreman, Switchfoot’s frontman wrote on the band’s official website that “Where The Light Shines Through” is an album of light. It has been born from one of the darkest periods he has ever been through.

Switchfoot: Where The Light Shines Through Album Cover

According to the singer, the album is about the light penetrating through the darkness and scars that have transformed into songs. Not just this, the music aims to extend a living God to the listeners; someone who has the power to heal wounds, love, and redeem us.

“Where The Light Shines Through” consists of 12 tracks. Go through the list below.

  1. “Holy Water”
  2. “Float”
  3. “Where the Light Shines Through”
  4. “I Won’t Let You Go”
  5. “If the House Burns Down Tonight”
  6. “The Day That I Found God”
  7. “Shake This Feeling”
  8. “Bull in a China Shop”
  9. “Live It Well”
  10. “Looking for America” (featuring Lecrae)
  11. “Healer of Souls”
  12. “Hope is the Anthem”

Along with the album itself, there are other Switchfoot items which include a hoodie, a shirt, a poster, two instant downloads, and five bonus tracks. The details of the album can be found on its official website Switchfoot

One can watch the album trailer on YouTube : Be ready for some heart-stirring rocking tunes.