Switched at Birth Season 5 spoilers are here ahead of its premiere. Though fans will still have to wait until January 2017 to see the new season, spoilers and theories are a-plenty.

While the last season left the two main characters, Daphne and Bay heading home, Vanessa Marano reveals that the girls have definitely parted ways in terms of their career paths.

“It’s very much like a new year because so much time has passed. And the girls are at these new places in their lives,” Vanessa shares with Movie News Guide.

Daphne is working in a health clinic now. Some fans have theorized she will finally reconcile with Mingo, played by Adam Hagenbuch. The two have a love-hate relationship and have broken up in Season 4 finale. Some Switched at Birth Season 5 spoilers say fans will see the two get back together.

Meanwhile, full fledged tattoo artist Bay’s love life is still in the dark. Although rumor has it Bay will finally find a love interest in Travis. Though Emmett is still in the picture, some fans are leaning towards Bay and Travis these days.

Viewers should also prepare themselves for some nostalgic recall of past events.

“You have to revisit stuff to just show how much time has actually passed,” Vanessa adds.

As for the reason why the girls heads home in a rush, two theories have come up. Both of which are equally dark.

Christian Times has floated the idea it might have to do something with Bay’s parents, John and Kathryn Kennish. After what seemed a rocky period in their marriage, it could likely be that the couple has already decided to split up.

Meanwhile, another theory has it that John may have suffered another heart attack and is already dying or may have already died.

These Switched at Birth season 5 spoilers give fans something to hang onto until the January 2017 premiere. What’s for sure though is that the season premiere, titled “The Call,” will have the girls returning home.

“This entire season has a lot of returning story lines actually. We left a lot of loose ends open last season so now we’re tying everything together,” Marano says of the final season.