‘Switched At Birth’ Season 5 is gearing up to arrive with a shocking revelation. The Season 4 finale witnessed Bay (Vanessa Marano) and Daphne (Katie Leclerc) heading to China. Soon after there is a 10-month time hop and the duo are then seen working at their new jobs in the country when they get a phone call requiring them to return back home.

It turns out a lot will happen in the fifth season of the show, as the creator Lizzy Weiss had a number a number of ideas for the plot. She shared with The Wrap, “Not everything is fleshed out, but there is a general plan.” She added, “We had a million ideas [for what the cliffhanger would be], and we may still use a couple of them.”

One of the reason why Bay and Daphne are asked to come back home appears to be that Kathryn Kennish (Lea Thompson) and John (D.W. Moffett) are heading towards splitsville. According to Christian Post, the couple will either separate for now or be heading straight for a divorce.

In an interview with TVLine, Weiss shared details about how Craig’s return will have an impact on Kathryn, she said, “Kathryn has really been very supportive, and we just felt like she needed a freakout, too.”

Weiss added, “She was owed a freakout about losing the carwash and having money problems and becoming a grandmother so soon. We thought it would be fun to see her panic. In everybody’s marriage, there are bumps … and hopefully you push past them. Craig was just a fun way to get her into a fancy dress and to enjoy a nice moment, instead of being so stand-by-your-man.”

Whether Craig is looking for more rather than just a few nice moments will be revealed when the Season 5 of ‘Switched At Birth’ unfolds. Keep coming back to check back for more updates on ‘Switched At Birth.’