Police have arrested a group of men for streaming a live gangrape on Facebook. They are still investigating the matter. The online streaming continued for around three hours.

According to reports, an online user reported the incident to the law enforcement officers as soon as she found something was wrong.  Twenty-one-year-old Josefine Lundgren informed the police on Sunday morning about the alleged incident. She could witness the alleged crime as she was one of the members of the closed group that streamed the live gangrape. The group has 60,000 members in total.

“He tore off her clothes and lay down on top of her,” Lundgren said. “You have been raped,” one of the men said to the alleged victim while the broadcast reached its end.  “Three against one, ha ha ha,” one of the members of the closed group commented.

Closed Group Released Second Live Video After Live Gangrape Streaming on Facebook

Sweden’s local media outlet reported that the group broadcast a second live video in which the woman said that she hadn’t been raped. The victim’s version also continued streaming online when the police arrived at an address to arrest the alleged rapists present in the flat. The entrance of a uniformed policeman was also seen in the live gangrape streaming. The police officer asked the men to come to the police station. Police, then, also switched off the camera.

Uppsala police officer Marcus Svensson said on Sunday afternoon that many live gangrape witnesses have got in touch with the department to provide details.  “My heart broke,” one of the witnesses of the second live broadcast, Linda Johansson, told SVT. “The girl was sitting in front of the camera while the guy who filmed her tried to make her deny that she had been raped. He was putting the words in her mouth. He was extremely threatening and laughed throughout the film.”

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