Police were called to the Heathrow Airport on Monday to escort singer Susan Boyle out of the British Airways after she was involved in a heated argument with a staff member on Monday.

The Britain’s Got Talent star singer surprised the world with her extraordinary voice in 2009. She was awaiting her flight back to her home in Glasgow when she suffered another meltdown and was forced to find some other way to get back home. Police helped the 55-year-old singer to leave the airport in the afternoon, according to a singer’s representative who confirmed the incident to Mirror.

“Police were called at 1:20 p.m. to a lounge in T5 Heathrow to reports of a distressed woman,” a Met Police spokesman said. “Officers attended and spoke to the woman after concerns to her health and wellbeing.” He added that the Scottish singer was recovering and was on her way home by other means.

The officers also helped Susan Boyle to take a different route to home. According to the statements gathered from onlookers by The Sun, the star looked confused. “She looked confused and was shouting: ‘I’ve done nothing wrong, I’ve done nothing wrong’ repeatedly. There was a massive commotion and everyone was looking at her,’” the witnesses told the media outlet. They said it was not clear why and where the argument started from.

“Nobody knows what started the argument but I was told it was something small that spiralled out of control,” they added. “The cops looked pretty concerned as she was all over the place. They eventually took her away.”

However, it was not the first time when the Scottish singer has grabbed attention for her shocking behavior. It was back in March when she cried for help at the Derry Airport in Northern Ireland. She was escorted by the authorities before calming down. During that incident, Boyle said that she was excited about her upcoming album that will be released at Christmas.

News.com.au also reported her 2010 meltdown where she started dancing around at a VIP lounge at Heathrow Airport. She snatched a mop from a cleaner and sang and danced.