The three-hour finale of “Survivor: Cambodia” 2015 airs on Wednesday (Dec. 16) and anticipation is building up for the six remaining castaways.  Who do you think will win the “Second Chance” season – Jeremy, Keith, Kelley, Kimmi, Spencer, or Tasha?

The International Business Times thinks Jeremy Collins is the most likely castaway to take home the crown.  Jeremy engineered Abi’s elimination in episode 13 and foiled a possible all-girl pact.

IBT noted that Jeremy maintains control of the game and his hidden immunity idol gave him some leverage in securing a slot in the final three.

Jeremy also led the majority alliance for most part of the game while making few enemies along the way, IBT also mentioned.

Meanwhile, former castaway Vytas Baskauskas revealed on social media that he was not allowed to come to the “Survivor: Cambodia” reunion show.  Vytas replied to a post of “Survivor” executive producer and host Jefff Probst on Twitter about the show’s season finale.

Vytas said: “Great season through and through. Bummed I’m not invited to participate in the finale with all my castmates!”

Another Twitter user asked Vytas:

Inquisitr noted that many of the people responding to Vytas on Twitter are not happy with the way things happened and hoped the yoga instructor would be able to join his fellow castaways once again.

Vytas was the first survivor booted off the show. Soon after, he went home to the United Stated to see his child even though his action could in the end spoil part of the game.  According to Inquisitr, if a contestant was kicked off before the jury then he or she shouldn’t headed back home to avoid being spotted and give out spoilers.  Inquisitr further added that this could be the reason why Vytas was not invited to come back for the reunion show.

“Survivor: Cambodia” 2015 season finale will be aired Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS and it will be followed by the live reunion show at 10 p.m.