Network Ten will be broadcasting the Aussie version of “Survivor.” The show will be named “Australian Survivor” and will be launched this year and as usual, it will feature a group of strangers stranded on an isolated location.

“Survivor” is immensely successful in the US. In fact, it launched the whole reality genre but it did not get the same reception in Australia. The Australian version only lived for two seasons and its last season was aired in 2002, reveals Daily Mail. Now, Network Ten has announced that it has commissioned the “Australian Survivor.”

The show will be a more local version of the reality show. People can apply on their website to participate. “We have wanted to create ‘Australian Survivor’ for many years so we are delighted and honoured to be able to bring this amazing show to viewers,” said Beverley McGarvey, chief programming officer of Network Ten.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Network Ten has even selected the location for the show. It will shoot the series in Samoa, in the Pacific islands.

Former Survivor contestant Stephen Fishbach has offered tips for Australian hopefuls to help them win the show, states According to Fishbach, things are not what they seem and most of the day pass by in strategising. “I will almost guarantee for you that everybody talks to everybody, at least a little. They just show the conversations that are most relevant to the story at play,” he said.

He also disclosed the personality traits required to survive the show. According to him, adaptability, observation, and self-control are needed to be successful. In terms of preparation for the series, Fishbach advised not to bulk up. “That kind of power is irrelevant on ‘Survivor.’ You need short bursts endurance and speed, as well as balance,” he said. “For my second time, I did a lot of Crossfit-style, full body workouts that lasted 20-30 minutes of sustained effort,” he added.

Endemol Shine Australia, in association with Castaway Television Productions Ltd., will produce “Australian Survivor” for Network Ten.