Catch “Survivor” 2016 for another entertaining season of Beauty versus Brains versus Brawn.

“Survivor” Kaoh Rong 2016 airs February 17 at 8 pm. The 90-minute premiere, titled “I’m a Mental Giant,” telecasts on CBS.

Here’s the latest press release from CBS, as posted by Enstarz:

“Castaways embark on the most grueling 39 days in Survivor history and test whether brute strength, looks or smarts will be the attribute that helps capture the title of Sole Survivor. Also, one castaway deals with excruciating pain when a bug gets stuck in their ear.”

Watch a preview of the premiere.

Viewers can also watch it via live stream using the CBS All Access paid service. However, offers advice on how to watch it free using the service’s seven-day trial period.

According to the website, viewers can avoid charges if they cancel their subscription within the trial period. However, the live stream online is only available for U.S. users.

After the three-hour finale of “Survivor: Cambodia” 2015, fans are eager to find out what is next for the series.

Of late, the premise for “Survivor” shifted to a “game of strategy and loyalty” Christian Today noted. However, Entertainment Weekly earlier revealed the “brutality of the early seasons” where hardcore survival ruled would return for the 32nd season.

Entertainment Weekly also spoke with the show’s host, Jeff Probst. Probst revealed, “This season is also going to see a lot of hardship”.

“From the extreme of an evacuation to something as small as a really bad sunburn, every day truly posed a new risk to this group. The heat, the rain, the bugs and the infections were a daily obstacle,” Probst added.

The 18 castaways for this season include familiar faces that viewers may recognize. Gossip and Gab posted the list of castaways and their tribes.

Anna Khait – 26, Pro Poker Player, Brooklyn, NY
Caleb Reynolds – 28, Army Vet, Hopkinsville, KY
Julia Sokolowski – 19, College Student, Boston, MA
Michele Fitzgerald – 24, Bartender, Freehold, NJ
Nick Maiorano – 30, Personal Trainer, Redondo Beach, CA
Tai Trang – 51, Gardener, San Francisco, CA

Aubry Bracco – 29, Social Media Marketer, Cambridge, MA
Debbie Wanner – 49, Chemist, Reading, PA
Elisabeth Markham – 27, Strategist, New York, NY
Joseph Del Campo – 72, Former FBI Agent, Vero Beach, FL
Neal Gottlieb – 38, Ice Cream Salesman, Sausalito, CA
Peter Baggenstos – 34, ER Doctor, Minneapolis, MN

Alecia Holden – 24, Real Estate Agent, Dallas, TX
Cydney Gillon – 23, Body Builder, Douglasville, GA
Darnell Hamilton – 27, Postal Worker, Chicago, IL
Jennifer Lanzetti – 38, Contractor, Salt Lake City, UT
Kyle Jason – 31, Bounty Hunter, Detroit, MI
Scot Pollard – 40, Former NBA player, Carmel, IN