The contestants of “Survivor” 2016 no doubt felt relieved during the finale given their experiences this season yet the event became especially touching for one finalist who received a personal bonus from an unexpected super fan of the show.

Michele Fitzgerald might have won “Survivor” 2016, but Tai Trang stole the show when he adopted a live chicken they were supposed to eat from the dinner table. Trang named the bird Mark.

His good deed didn’t go unnoticed as it inspired Australian singer and songwriter Sia. Moreover, she felt the need to do something about it, Mail Online reported. Sia appeared during the finale to donate US$100,000 (AU$139,000) to Trang in appreciation for what he did. “Survivor” host Jeff Probst revealed her presence after the winner’s announcement.

The pop star commended Trang for his authenticity and care for animals. She went on to thank him for showing others how to be kind to animals. The fan favourite appeared visibly surprised at Sia’s presence, let alone, her gift to him.

“Thank you so much! I’m speechless! We cannot be so human-centric, without which the whole ecosystem we will be doomed,” Trang said after he hugged Sia. In return, the pop star received a standing ovation from the crowd, Us Weekly reported. The 51-year-old gardener was part of the Beauty Tribe on “Survivor” 2016.

Sia is a known animal rights advocate. In 2012, the Australian singer fronted a PETA animal neutering campaign. It highlighted the responsibility of pet owners concerning their pets’ breeding habits, the Express reported then. Her song, “Free the Animal,” became the soundtrack for a PETA animated public service announcement, Popcrush reported. The organisation revealed the ad was meant to hit at the offensive practices done by fashion houses about the use of animal skin.

Sia was happy to help and contribute her song to the cause. “Cruelty-free vegan fashion is more popular than ever and reflects changing attitudes over killing animals for their skins,” she said then. The Australian singer recently announced her “Nostalgic for the Present Tour” this fall in North America.