If the previous products being offered at discounted rates is any indication of the next-gen arrival, then the Surface Pro 5 may land sooner than fans are expecting.

According to report on Delhi Daily News, Microsoft is putting up promotional advertisements for Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book are indications enough that the Surface Pro 5 launch could well be around the corner. Furthermore, it also appears that the Surface Pro 3 is available at a huge discount on eBay, currently selling for $1029 (US$779), down from the original price of $1320 (US$999).

However, the previous report on Tech Radar had gathered that the rumoured launch dates are oscillating between June 2016 or October 2016. Given the Microsoft product cycles, it seems more likely that the fifth Surface offering would be made available in October this year. To recap, fans witnessed the Surface Pro 3 launch in May 2013 and it hit the retail shelves the next month, in June. The Surface Pro 4 was introduced in October 2015 and was released the same month, so it would definitely surprise many if the fifth iteration makes its way out in June 2016.

When the Surface Pro 5 does arrive, sooner or later this year, it is widely rumoured to come accompanied by an upgraded Surface Pen. Reportedly, the new Surface Pen could boast of a rechargeable battery setup as depicted in one of the recent patent filed by Microsoft. It depicts a “magnetic charging dock,” which will be responsible for powering up the Surface pen.

The upcoming Surface Pro is also expected to sport a 4K display and a USB-C port amongst other features. But if the October 2016 launch date is to be believed, there are still a good number of months to go for the D-day. Until then more concrete details are bound to surface giving us better ideas of what to expect.

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