The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 may come bundled with an improved Surface Pen with a magnetic dock in tow.

The rumors find roots in a patent application filed by Microsoft which depicts a rechargeable Surface Pen and a dock, as noted by Patently Mobile. As of now, the Surface Pen is powered by batteries that need replacing every six months or so, but users in the future, may be treated with a Pen that will be easily rechargeable. The filed patent application reveals that “a stylus may provide active functionality that is powered by a rechargeable battery. A charging circuit within the stylus may provide charging current for recharging the battery via one or more terminals configured to charging contacts of an associated stylus charger.”

What’s really neat is this may also solve the issue of users easily losing or misplacing their stylus.  Most probably this very thing has inspired the idea of a Surface Pen dock, which holds and charges the stylus. The patent application depicts the dock as a charging base and the stylus magnetically sticks into it.  The application reads, “As a stylus may be easily misplaced due to the typical size and shape (e.g., a thin, rod-like shape with at least one tapered end), the stylus charger may take the form of a dock that holds the stylus in a particular location during charging and/or while the stylus is not being used.”

“… the stylus includes at least one terminal of the charging circuit that is formed from a deposit of ferromagnetic material on an exterior of the stylus body. Including a magnetically-attractable element that also serves as a charging terminal enables the terminal to be aligned to a charging contact of the dock and secured to the dock against gravitational pull and other forces via magnetic attraction to a permanent magnet of the dock.”

As noted by Windows Central, the charging dock or base doesn’t appear to be a standalone device instead it seems to be a part of a bigger hardware piece. But if the current speculations are anything to go by, users may witness the incorporation of this invention in the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2 expected to arrive in fall 2016.