The latest Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book users who got hold of the devices the moment it hit the store shelves in October, have probably been facing software issues with the latest Microsoft products. The Surface team from the company has issued an apology while sharing that the fixes are already available to download and more updates are still in the works.

Addressing issues that many early adopters of the latest Surface products have come across, a post on Microsoft’s Answers site states, “For those of you who’ve had a less-than-perfect experience, we’re sorry for any frustration this has caused.” The post further adds that in order to “improve the overall Surface experience” quite a few updates have already been issued and that the team is “working to issue additional updates and fixes as soon as possible.”

As noted by Digital Trends, the company having  heard the feedback of users facing software freezing issues, had already started pushing out updates since November, which was only a month after the products were released. However, this update did not take care of the graphic errors. The fixes rolled out early this month, have come to rescue users facing graphic troubles on the Surface devices, however as shared by the website, “even that  patch couldn’t perfect the experience completely.”

It turns out that customers looking to snag the latest Surface products during the holiday deals, may have to devote some time to download the required updates. The updates should somewhat take care of the graphics and freezing issues faced by users. However, those who bought the devices on day one, may have begun to get frustrated as even the latest update does not completely do justice to resolving the issue. Surface users ma just have to wait a while as it appears that the upcoming updates should further fix some of those issues.

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