While iOS and Android are major players in the smartphone market, Microsoft is still facing a rough time in the market for some time now. Rumours suggest that the company is planning to develop Surface Phone, as Surface device has played well in the laptop market.

Apparently, Microsoft is trying its last chance to make it to the top in the market.

A research firm named Gartner had said that Microsoft Windows Phone platform saw downfall below 1% at last quarter, notes The Verge.

So we have come up with top 5 features which we would like to see in the rumoured Surface Phone. This would make the smartphones a hit in the market.

Get Google on Board

Since most of the smartphone market is eaten by Android, so its popular Google apps cannot be missed in smartphones. Apps like Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube, are widely used and other apps like Drive, Docs also have a lot of users.

If Windows Phone does not have these apps installed, it would be a waste. These apps are essentially important as it has a lot of users.

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Shred Plastic For Metal Casing

Microsoft will have to go according to the trend. It will have shred the plastic and embrace metal casing or glass, ceramic or wood casing to stay in the competition. Almost all the Microsoft phones have the same look and build i.e plastic.

Premium Look

A good-looking phone lures the customers, so Microsoft needs to invest in design team or partner with a firm that bring out the best design. It is expected that the Surface Phone would have a premium feel and if it is expensive will not be surprising, notes TOI.


Microsoft never introduced stylus with their flagship smartphone as it had focused on productivity. It can take cues from Samsung and include smartpen along with Surface Phone, similar to Samsung Galaxy Note 6. However, a stylus made from a plastic stick would take the supposed device nowhere.

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New UI

Windows phones are already seen in the market and if Surface Phone would retain the same Windows OS, it is not likely to find too many takers. A different and glitch-free OS would make the Surface Phone a hit in the market.