There have been numerous reports establishing that the Windows Surface Phone may arrive on the tech scenario in April 2017. When the word first got out, it disappointed many fans who had been hoping to get their hands on the Surface Phone sometime during this year. But the speculations and rumours surfacing may have convinced them that something neat is in development.

And the recent reports point toward that, that the devices expected to arrive next year could have been set to release on a later date owing to very ambitious plans. According to report on Tech Radar, Microsoft plans to further develop on Continuum for the Surface Phone so that the next-gen devices serve as “real alternative to a computer.” Microsoft with the Office and Continuum features could essentially allow the handsets to effectively serve as desktops. And whispers about the Windows Redstone 2 update, expected to bring new features for the mobile and desktop, is making fans optimistic.

The software is also expected to arrive in 2017, alongside the Surface Phone. The information fits in right well since the handset is rumoured to arrive in 2017 for quite some time now. And, it would make sense for the software to be introduced at the same time. It is also known that the company will also be focusing on “three customer segments,” as shared in Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s letter in July 2015. So, it is clear that the Surface Phone will be aimed at three varying audiences: “Consumers,” “Business” and “Prosumer / Enthusiast.” Though there is no word how the handsets will be differentiated for the different audiences. More concrete details should appear as we inch closer to the launch.

With about a year to go, fans still have a Windows 10 update in June to look forward to. Keep checking back for more updates, leaks and rumours on the Microsoft Surface Phone.