An accidental leak about the Surface Phone on Microsoft’s own website may have given fans a good idea of what to expect as far as the offering is concerned. The leak has further strengthened the speculation that the Microsoft Surface phone will be a device to watch out for.

As reported by Forbes, the minimum hardware requirements page for Windows 10 on Microsoft’s website listed MSM8998 as being compatible with Redmond’s OS. The codename is widely believed to belong to Qualcomm’s next generation SnapDragon 830 SoC. The upcoming processor is expected to support 8GB RAM as well as employ “Samsung’s 10nm production process.” And if the Microsoft handset does hide this beast under the hood, then it could well be packing quite a punch. As rightly noted, the company may not be expecting to sell “significant volume to shift Windows 10′s share of the mobile ecosystem, nor is it looking to leverage economies of scale or hit a specific price point to reach the mass market,” but it intends to achieve something else. The company would probably like to demonstrate to the world and prove how slick and neat Windows 10 on mobile could be.

Previous reports have revealed that the Surface Phone would probably be landing sometime in 2017. The reports have also indicated that the company intends to launch not one or two but three different variants. The models would be targeting different audiences and are accordingly divided into “Consumers,” “Business” and “Prosumer / Enthusiast” categories. There are no further details covering what exactly would separate one model from the other in the lineup. It could be predicted that the pricing and inclusion of certain specs on some variants could be the differentiators.

Keep watching this space for more updates, rumours and speculations that the coming months may bring, giving more clarity about the Surface Phone.