Around this time of the year, tech aficionados enjoy some of the best deals on the latest gadgets in the markets. Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 sales are soaring and Best Buy has jumped in with a really neat deal just in time for the holidays.

Best Buy is now offering a trade-in deal, wherein users can bring their working devices to receive a $100 credit on the Surface Book or the Surface Pro 4.

Many users, who own the previous version of the tablet and are looking to get an upgrade or simply want to get their hands on the new laptop from Microsoft, may benefit from this deal. As noted by International Business Times, when the Windows devices hit the shelves last week, they were soon sold out across many retailers, indicating its high demand.

Those planning to avail the offer should note that the deal expires on November 7. So, by bringing-in a functional device, Best Buy will offer a $10 gift card. Additionally, a maximum $90 trade-in coupon will also be thrown in depending on the retail price of the old device. This would get users up to a $100 gift credit to purchase the Surface Pro 4 or the Surface Book.

It is noteworthy that the deal doesn’t include e-readers and Best Buy will have the final say on which devices it will accept for the trade-in. Reportedly, policy about which device is acceptable for a trade-in may be different from store-to-store. So, cautious users should check the store policies when going in to avail the offer.

The Best Buy pricing for the base model of the Surface Pro 4 costs $899.99 and for the Surface Book, the pricing starts at $1499.99.

Fans can keep coming back to check on the latest deals around the holiday season and for more updates on the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 devices.