Fans who wondered how his presence in the Justice League movie is possible despite his death at the end of BVS may finally have their answer with the Superman Black Suit.

Henry Cavill dropped a major hint about his superhero character’s upcoming resurrection. The actor posted a close-up picture of a black suit on Instagram. At first glance, and perhaps for most fans unfamiliar with the comic book story, it would appear similar to the Batman’s get-up given the color.

However, comic book readers would undoubtedly recognize it as part of the nineties’ The Death and Return of Superman storyline. Hence, it would seem the Justice League movie is taking its cue from there. However, would the presence of the Superman Black Suit indicate a change in the DC comics champion’s character?


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It would seem the chance of Superman becoming a bad person in the movie is possible. The dream sequence featured on Batman Vs Superman between the caped crusader and the Flash could be a hint. In the scene, the Flash returned to the past to warn Bruce Wayne about Superman. He also advised him to find Lois Lane soon since she was the key. As it turns out, the harsh actions of the Man of Steel were the result of his grief over the death of Lois Lane.

However, would fans be receptive to the Superman Black Suit? Batman Vs Superman promotions left a terrifying poster of the Man of Steel. The image certainly contradicts the reputation of Superman as a superhero. Thus, he appeared to be a villain from a horror film. Then again, was it a hint at his possible role in the Justice League movie?

The Hollywood Reporter surmised he might still be good regardless of what he wears.

Would the Superman Black Suit make the Man of Steel bad?