The fate of “Supergirl” is currently shrouded in uncertainty as CBS is yet to officially order Season 2. However, given the following that the show has garnered and with fans already predicting Season 2 plot, as well as with the show-runner being positive, it appears that “Supergirl” Season 2 could well be on the cards.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Ali Adler said, “We definitely want to continue making more of this show.” He shared:

“We all have to be positive. I think Les Moonves was speaking to someone and just candidly said, “All freshmen series are returning,” and I hope he meant us. I think everyone at CBS wants this show to last and I think we’re all working for that angle.”

This should probably give fans some hope and the fact that every new show on the network is yet to receive a green signal for Season 2. But things are definitely looking up for “SuperGirl.” In the meantime, fans can ponder over who actually is inside the pod and what would the Season 2  would bring, when it does land.

Just to recap, Season 1 ended with a small Kryptonian spaceship landing right in the centre of National City. And Supergirl was shocked to find out who (or what) the pod was carrying. While it is yet to be revealed what the spaceship holds, a report on Comic Book Resources looks at a number of possibilities with one them being the arrival of Mon-El. Many fans may think that hoping Mon-El arrives inside the pod  is wishful thinking and the makers are most likely to bring Alura. But it never harmed anyone to entertain thoughts of alternate possibilities. It would definitely be interesting to see Kara guide and mentor Mon-El, a fellow superhero.

Who do you think would be inside the pod? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and keep watching this space for more.