CBS’s “Supergirl” worked initially, not only because it was a rare female superhero show and a new one, but because of the positive and lighter tone of the episodes which created a healthy antidote to the more serious shows like “Arrow” and “The Flash.” However, ratings dived eventually and CBS transferred “Supergirl” to The CW, home to “The Flash,” “Arrow,” and “Legends of Tomorrow.” Melissa Benoist, who plays Supergirl, recently discussed the transfer to The CW and how it would impact the show.

“I think it feels like it’s not too much different. It’s a different network, but I think we’re still the same show. And I wasn’t done telling the story, so I’m really excited,” Melissa Benoist told TV Line in a video interview at The CW’s recent Upfront event. Aside from the network change and the shift of location from Los Angeles to Vancouver, things will mostly remain the same, including the Monday night 8 p.m. EST time slot.

Regarding relocating to Vancouver, she said “I had visited there a few times. My husband [Blake Jenner] had worked there, so I’ve been … when I was visiting him,” Benoist told TV Line at the 23-second mark in the video. She added that Vancouver reminded her of her home state of Colorado.

TV Line also asked Benoist about who or what Supergirl discovers inside the space pod at the season 1 finale. In the very last scene, another space pod from Krypton lands on earth. Supergirl opens it and just says “Oh my God!” when the season ends. Screenrant mentions that there are rumors it could be Superboy. Also, given the fact that the show is so much fun, we could see the arrival of Krypto the Superdog, who was originally Baby Kal-El’s pet in Krypton before its destruction. It would be great to have Krypto on “Supergirl” but it might be very difficult to convincingly portray a super-powered animal onscreen. “I have theories. I have heard a few rumblings of what it – who it may be but I’m not positive,” Benoist said.

On being asked about the future of her character and James Olsen’s (Mehcad Brooks) relationship in season 2, Benoist said she doesn’t have a clue. “Whatever happens, I can assure you it will probably be funny and awkward and great,” said Supergirl.

It will also be interesting to see how Barry Allen saving his mother from death affects the other shows like “Arrow,” “Legends of Tomorrow,” and “Supergirl.” The “Flashpoint” story-arc will most likely be used by “The Flash” showrunners. This will at least have some impact on the other shows, if nothing major.