Melissa Benoist, who plays Kara Zor-El in “Supergirl,” has finally addressed fan clamor for a Kara-Barry romance after Grant Gustin said that he thinks the two superheroes should be together.

The former “Glee” actress believes that the Scarlet Speedster and the Girl of Steel are better off as friends as they are “too similar,” Screen Rant reported.

“I don’t know that they’d ever get together,” she said. “I think they’re too similar. I think they’d like pig out on… I think they’re pals like, pigging out on ice cream.”

According to, Gustin, who plays Barry Allen in “The Flash,” teased about the possibility of a romance between the two DC superheroes during the CW Upfronts presentations.

“We had a really fun dynamic and I bet next year, there’s probably more crossovers than we’ve ever had,” he said, later adding that he thinks that the two “would be a good match.”

Gustin and Benoist, who were both major stars in the musical television series “Glee,” appeared together in the “Supergirl” crossover episode in its first season called “World’s Finest.” In the episode, Allen got stuck in the Earth version where Kara resides in and helps her get rid of two villains that threaten the security of National City. Kara then helps Barry run fast enough so he can return to his Earth.

Kara-Barry shippers, don’t worry as there will be more chances for crossover episodes between the DC properties after “Supergirl” moves to the CW for its second season. Already, a four-way crossover event between “Supergirl,” “The Flash,” “Legends of Tomorrow” and “Arrow” has been announced by the network, with speculations that it will happen at the start of the season of each series to bump up ratings for all four superhero shows.

You may watch Melissa Benoist’s full interview here.