In the season 2 finale of “The Flash,” we saw Iris West (Candice Patton) and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) profess their love for each other and kiss before Barry travelled back in time, save his mother, and changed everything. There is an innumerable number of possibilities for season 3 and for other CW interconnected shows, though Stephen Amell says it wouldn’t affect “Arrow” much. One of which may be that Iris does not know Barry anymore the way she used to. So, their deep love could be non-existent now. This leaves the door open for Barry to be with someone else. Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), perhaps?

Gustin told DC All Access that he’d be on board for a Barry Allen and Kara pairing in season 3 if it happens. “They’ll be a good match,” Gustin said, as noted by Regarding “Supergirl” being acquired by The CW now, Barry said he loved being part of the crossover and would like to explore that dynamic again. “We had a really fun dynamic and I bet next year, there’s probably more crossovers than we’ve ever had, would be my guess,” Gustin said. The CW recently announced a four-way crossover of “The Flash” with “Arrow,” “Legends of Tomorrow,” and “Supergirl, notes Entertainment Weekly.

Every time a timeline is altered in a major way, at least in comic books, things change dramatically. It allows for change and creativity, which is mostly, though not always, a good thing. There are certainly many Barry and Kara shippers. The two actors look lovely together and had a great chemistry on-screen. This has to do with the fact that both are very positive characters and are loads of fun.

The reception of the Supergirl/Flash crossover called the “World’s Finest” was so overwhelmingly positive that it was looked at by many as the antidote to the dark and depressing “Batman V Superman” film which did not break box office records and received mixed to negative reviews. Even if Barry Allen doesn’t romance Kara Danvers in season 3, there is bound to be episodes featuring the two of them together. The writers would be foolish not to tap into something that’s so filled with joy.

Grant Gustin’s comments on Flash and Supergirl occur around four minutes and 30 seconds in the video below.