The first season of “Supergirl” is ending soon. What can fans expect from the Supergirl Season 1 finale?

According to Movie Pilot, fans of the show about Superman’s cousin might need to prepare for tragedy. “Supergirl” writer Kevin Smith even hinted “at huge, life-changing events for Kara” in the finale. “It is amazing. Something’s happening that will affect Supergirl in such a great way that…you think it’s like cute puppies and [expletive] kittens now? You are going to cry when you see how beautiful this [expletive] thing is.” Smith explained.

Executive producer Greg Berlanti also seems to suggest a grim ending for this season. “Yes, you should [expect death],” Berlanti told Entertainment Weekly. Who will die next? Movie Pilot suggests that it might just be Superman. But no word as of yet to confirm this.

Where can you watch the Supergirl Season 1 finale? You can always check out the show when it airs on CBS. But to those looking for a live stream, there is still hope. According to Ex Streamist, “Supergirl” might not be available on Netflix or Hulu. But there are still completely legal ways to stream the finale.  First, you can watch the show with the official CBS streaming app. It has the usual pesky ads other streaming apps have. But the app is free and does not require viewers to log in or subscribe.

Another option would be the official “Supergirl” website. A download will not be necessary for this one. You can even stream the episode on the website with a tablet or any mobile device. You can also check out CBS All Access for “Supergirl” and other CBS shows. Complete episodes of “Supergirl” will also be available for download on Amazon, iTunes or Google Play.

You can check out this season’s last episode on Monday, April 18.