The “Supergirl” Season 1 finale could mean the end for one its favourite characters yet it may also signal the entry of a new villain for its beloved heroine. Here are 10 finale secrets you must know.

1. In the final episode, Supergirl battles an unexpected opponent. She is ready to risk everything, even her life, to save the planet. The synopsis provided by CBS revealed the names of her two enemies as Non (Chris Vance) and Indigo (Laura Vandervoort).

2. Actress Laura Vandervoort plays the villainess named Indigo who is intent on taking out Kara aka Supergirl. Indigo is able to travel through the Internet, Vandervoort told Global News. “She’s quite the foe for Supergirl because she teleports and transforms through technology, so she’s hard to fight,” Vandervoort revealed.

3. Vandervoort’s costume is reminiscent of Mystique.

4. A bit of superhero trivia about Vandervoort: she played Supergirl on “Smallville.” Ten years later, she plays the heroine’s nemesis.

5. Vandervoort couldn’t say if her character will return in Season 2. However, she remarked that since Indigo lives on the Internet, she can always come back using ones and zeroes.

6. Executive producer Greg Berlanti revealed the death of at least one character. “Yes, you should, only because it would be a lot less exciting if I said no,” Berlanti answered Entertainment Weekly when asked about a casualty in the upcoming episode.

7. BuddyTV’s deadpool on “Supergirl” lists James or Maxwell Lord, Winn, and J’onn J’onzz. However, it also seemed to favour Cat Grant or Alex.

8. “S” stands for sprinkles? Zap2it revealed how donuts are essential on the set of “Supergirl.” Executive producer Ali Adler’s Instagram features photos of the cast eating donuts. The publication pointed out that the women earn a donut after hours of kicking butt.

9. Zap2it also revealed the show is definitely coming back after one season. EPs Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg reportedly discussed casting decisions for Season 2 already.

10. Director Kevin Smith has an opinion about the “Supergirl” finale. Cinemablend shared Smith’s recent podcast. “Something’s happening that will affect “Supergirl” in such a great way that, you think it’s like cute puppies and f******g kittens now? You are going to cry when you see how beautiful this f******g thing is.”

News of a new crossover twist between “Supergirl” and “The Flash” are rife. At the same time, CBS confirmed plans to renew the series for season 2.

The finale entitled “Better Angels” airs on April 18 at 8 p.m. Catch it on CBS live stream at this link.