Inappropriate prescription of antibiotics in Australian nursing homes have prompted the fear of superbugs, especially to those who have been following prolonged prescriptions.The bugs which are highly resistant to antibiotics could be more lethal in coming decades than cancer .

“The big issue for us is that we know that if you’re continually exposed to antibiotics and you select out what we would call a multi-resistant organism. It’s not just that patient that’s at risk, it’s actually the other patients in the facility that are at risk,”said Professor Karin Thursky, from the National Centre for Antimicrobial Resistance Stewardship to ABC.

An antibiotic survey has revealed that 20 percent of the cases were following unseemingly prescribed antibiotics.

Thursky said that most of the antibiotics were for respiratory, skin, urinary and soft-tissue infections. One of every five patients is using them for preventive measures only. About 22 percent of patients have been following wrong antimicrobial medication. And this is alarming!

The survey was conducted between June and August in 2015. Around 180 nursing homes took part in it.

9News reported a case of an Australian woman who was diagnosed with superbug MRSA – Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus – a highly antibiotic resistant bug.

Maryann Spaccavento, 20, said that the pain relief prescribed by hospital failed to nullify painful lesions on her legs. Racked in pain, she said: “It was unbearable, even the pain relief they prescribed at the hospital wasn’t even helping,”

“I was very scared and very worried because I didn’t know exactly what I was dealing with,”she added.

Australia could be the target of getting infected by deadly superbugs than Europe. And the superbugs rate is eloquently higher.

Pathologist John Turnidge said: “This bug also has the capacity to get into the bloodstream, causing bone infection, causing heat infection and meningitis, deep abscesses, all of which are life-threatening.”

Vancomycin-resistant Enterococci, another fatal superbug is a scourge for Australian hospitals.