The Super Tuesday primaries saw Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump scoring high in key states. Trump won Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Virginia. Clinton achieved success in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Ted Cruz won the race in Texas.

The big wins by Clinton and Trump have put them further ahead of their rivals in the race for the Democrat and Republican nominations for White House. A dozen states went to polls on Tuesday, including the Deep South, Colorado and Texas and Alaska and Minnesota. The day is being regarded as the Super Tuesday, for the impact it may have in the final nominations.

In the Oklahoma primary, Trump faced a close race with Cruz and Marco Rubio on the Republican tie, while Bernie Sanders, who finally won the primary, faced tough competition from Clinton on the Democrat side.

The CNN reported that Trump’s win in Virginia came as a disappointment to Rubio, who hoped to make a mark in the state and blow a strong challenge to the real estate mogul.

While the Super Tuesday is a test for the front runners to propel themselves ahead of others in the race, it is a chance for survival as well for the other contestants.

The New York Times reported that Governor Chris Christie was present at Trump’s victory speech in Florida on Tuesday night, extending his full support behind the candidate and declaring that Trump’s candidacy was “not a campaign. It’s a movement.”

“What a Super Tuesday!” the Guardian quoted Clinton as saying. “Democrats voted to break down barriers so we can all rise together. Now, this campaign goes forward to the Crescent City, the Motor City and beyond,” she added.

She said that she believes that what America needs the most now are love and kindness. She also congratulated Sanders “on his strong showing.”