Five US states including Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Illinois and Missouri held the Super Tuesday elections to choose the candidates for the presidential elections in November. Democrat contestant Hillary Clinton recorded a huge win in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. On the Republican side, Donald Trump won Florida but lost out on Ohio to John Kasich.

Clinton also appears to be leading in Illinois and Bernie Sanders in Missouri. Trump, on the Republican side, won Illinois and has 24 delegates while he leads the race in Missouri.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who carried out a promising campaign to win his home state, dropped out of the race, shortly after the polls closed. This leaves Trump, Kasich and Texas Senator Ted Cruz running the race against each other.

Trump was expecting to win in all five primaries on Tuesday’s polls, which would have allowed him to acquire an indomitable position in the race. The Florida win was indeed a big gain, with all 99 delegates going to Trump.

“This was a great evening,” the CNN quoted him as saying. “This was an amazing evening.”

He also called for greater unity within the party amid speculations of a convention fight.

“We have to bring our party together,” he said. “We have to bring it together.”

In the Democratic race, Clinton was expected to win in Florida and North Carolina, but Vermont Senator Sanders hoped to take Ohio, which subsequently went to Clinton as well.

“We are moving closer to securing the Democratic Party nomination and winning this election in November,” the US News quoted her as telling the cheering supporters in Florida. She called the outcomes in the state “another Super Tuesday for our campaign.”

According to exit polls, the democratic voters in all five states believe that Clinton has a stronger chance there if Trump is the Republican candidate.

“She has done it. She has been there. She is the person that should replace Barack Obama,” said Eduardo De Jesus, a voter from Florida.