The latest announcements at the last Nintendo Direct for the popular title, “Super Smash Bros,” probably had fans all excited. It turns out that along with additions to the character costumes and stages, new characters will also be added. Not one, but three new characters!

Corrin, the new character, playable as a male or a female, as noted by GameSpot, will be arriving for Wii U and 3DS players in February next year. What’s more? Well, Cloud Strife from “Final Fantasy VII” is now available for purchase to “Super Smash Bros” loyalists.

This new DLC character is also bringing with it a new stage dubbed as the Midgar. In this stage, players can stay protected from the onslaught of any summoned monster which could include Odin Bahamut Zero, Ifrit and Ramuh. They can achieve this by ensuring that they pick up Materia in this stage.

And for all fans wondering about the third and final character, it is  Bayonetta! As shared by International Business Times, Bayonetta will also be bringing with her another new stage – the Umbra Clock Tower. Making the purchase will also get the players new soundtracks. Even those avid gamers who will get hold of Corrin will get two bonus tracks on Wii U. As for 3DS players, they will receive two trophies.

The Mii Fighter costumes have also been listed out and the roaster includes: Geno (Super Mario RPG), Chocobo Hat (Final Fantasy), Bionic Armor, Takamaru (game unreleased in US), Ashley (Wario Ware), Gil (Tower of Druaga) and Tails and Knuckles (Sonic.)

There is more in store for die-hard “Super Smash Bros” fans; they will soon be able to snag figurines of the three new character – Corrin , Cloud and Bayonetta. However, there is no official word on when they will be released. Keep coming back for more updates on the details.