Even in the era of driverless cars and sizzling electric cars, owning a McLaren fastest F1 car is always heroic. Those yearning to cruise the high-speed toys can get ready as British supercar maker McLaren Automotive is selling one of the last F1 supercars in its inventory.

These limited editions F1 cars do not even numbered to a hundred. There are only 64 F1 cars and that makes it very collectable one. There is a big deal when an F1 goes on sale.

This particular McLaren car was made in 1998. Kept in fierce privacy, McLaren collections are under the watchful eye of McLaren Special Operations (MSO) team. The FI car still new as it has traversed only 2,800 miles, reports Mashable.

Its supercar aura is maintained in many ways. Here the driver has to sit like a hero in the centre of the car with two passenger seats flanking from either side.

With a 627 horsepower 6.1-liter V12 engine, the F1 car can hit 242.8 mph and be a tough companion to any of the fastest cars. It also holds the distinction of being the first car made from carbon fibre.

Any guess on its price? Some clues can be had from what British actor Rowan Atkinson got when he sold his twice-crashed F1 in the summer of 2015. He got $12.24 million. In 2014, another 1998 was auctioned and fetched $13.75 million. Being the pride of McLaren collections, this FI piece will outbid all the prices quoted so far.

According to a report in The Verge, Car lovers still call McLaren F1 the “supercar’s supercar” of the ’90s. The acronym is somewhat justified.

Until Bugatti Veyron came in F1 was world’s fastest. The former with over 1000 hp and a speed of more than 400 km/h became the ultimate sports car. Nevertheless, the world’s fastest tag gets justified considering its naturally aspirated engine.

With just 2,800 miles in 20 years, it is still new and is the “original down to the correct numbered McLaren F1 book and limited edition owner’s watch presented on delivery,” claims the company.