Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning will be retiring after the Super Bowl 50. After missing out on 39 games this past season with a left foot injury, the 39-year-old has come to a decision to retire from NFL.

According to the NBC Sports reports via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media “Manning has told close friends that he’ll retire after Super Bowl 50.”

When he was asked whether Super Bowl 50 would be his final game, Peyton Manning said in the opening minutes of his session at the Super Bowl 50 media night that, “I’ve tried to stay in the moment, tried not to look back.”

“Just tried to stay in the moment.”

“My arm is what it is,” Manning said. “Honestly, my having a little time off to heal my foot helped some of the other parts. … My arm feels OK. My arm has not been the same since I was injured four years ago. … If I could throw left-handed it would be a lot easier. … It’s just different than it was. … It’s got a few yards on it, miles on it, however you want to say it.”

As per the ESPN reports, “Peyton Manning was caught by an NFL Films’ microphone telling New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick it might be his ‘last rodeo’.”

“At some point after the season, I’ll have that comprehensive analysis … I’m at peace with it … What I said to [Belichick] was this could be it,” Manning said.

Broncos general manager and executive vice president John Elway wasn’t sure what Peyton Manning has planned for himself in the future.

He was quoted as saying, “No, he has not [said if it will be his last game]; we have not talked about that at all, and I’m not going to bring it up,” Elway said. “That’s something he’s going to have plenty of time this offseason to think about. That’s when you have to do it. You’re not going to make your mind up while you’re still playing.”

“I want him to cherish the moment that he has now, and he can think about that this offseason.”