Our favorite Suitor, Patrick J. Adams is reportedly headed to another TV show, and this time he’s gonna be a superhero in “Legends of Tomorrow.”

In the season finale of “Suits” we see Harvey waiting for Mike outside of the church with a car, and they head off to prison.
Entertainment Weekly confirms that Adams has been tapped to play a “mysterious DC character” in the season finale of “Legends of Tomorrow.”

TVLine reports that a hero boasting “a mysterious past and equally mysterious agenda” with drop in on the show.

The hero was only described as “a beloved superhero from the DC canon,” the character will not only provide a punctuation point for Season 1 but also a launching point for Season 2, where he will recur in a handful of episodes.

The actors identity in “Legends of Tomorrow” is still being kept under wraps but a source says whomever Adams is playing is a “fun character the fans will love.”

Fortunately, the actor’s appearance in “Legends of Tomorrow” will not affect his appearance in “Suits” Season 6. The actor even talked about what’s in store for the next season of Suits in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“Coming back to 6, we’re in place where I think the sky is the limit and we can really do whatever we want. For those of us who have been on the show this long, I think we’ve been looking for an opportunity to switch it up and see if other things work, different character interactions. I think it’s going to be exactly what the show needs this far in. Fans that have followed us this far are going to really be rewarded.”

The season finale is titled “Legendary,” as well as the season 2 premiere. “Legends of Tomorrow” was recently renewed for a second season.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.