Inmates often lose their minds behind bars. It’s not unheard of. Jail can and has done that to people. Will Mike Ross suffer the same fate in “Suits” Season 6? Will prison really prove too much for TV’s favorite junior partner without a law degree?

The show’s fifth installment ended badly for both Mike and Harvey. Mike found himself in jail for fraud. Harvey, on the other hand, had to resign for his part in hiring Mike despite his lack of a law degree. Can they ever bounce back? According to Parent Herald, things might go bad before getting better for the pair. Mike Ross himself, or at least the actor who plays him, confirmed that Mike will still be in jail when Season 6 rolls out.

“All I know is what we shot so far,” actor Patrick J. Adams told the International Business Times. “I’m still in prison. They’re committing to it. We’re committing to it as a full storyline.” Will that storyline really involve Mike’s descent into madness? Parent Herald seems to think so. But this has yet to be confirmed.

However, Adams did say Mike’s incarceration would not last too long. “Do I think it’s going to be a full two years’ worth of the show?” he said. “My guess is probably not.”

Meanwhile, the actor explained why the show needed Mike to go to jail for his actions. “The show needed something,” he explained. “I think most shows get to a point when you get to five years and you’re starting to kind of maybe repeat a little bit. We’ve been building for five seasons towards somebody having to face the music for this secret… So I think it was really brave for them to just change it up that much and to not run away.”

Will Mike really lose his mind in jail? Can Harvey ever get him out of there? Will Pearson Specter Litt Law ever get back on track? Fans might have to wait for the hit show to come back to find out. The sixth season of “Suits” returns on USA Network on July 13.