Suits Season 5 left us with a heartbreaking finale that has left everyone at absolute defeat. It’s difficult to imagine how the characters will rebuild things in Suits Season 6, and sources reveal it’s not going to be pretty.

The Season 5 finale of Suits was a whirlwind of emotions. The firm has taken a huge jab after Mike Ross was charged with fraud. The downfall of Pearson Specter Litt meant it was an open season for lawyers, and the other firms immediately went in to poach some of the firm’s finest. Ross called off his wedding with Rachel before he surrendered himself in prison, leaving Rachel devastated. Mike’s imprisonment dealt a heavy blow on everyone, and rising from the ashes seems easier said than done.

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Speaking to Wetpaint, actor Patrick J. Adams revealed that putting the characters in new places will mean “a bit of an adjustment period” that will keep viewers interested. Contrary to the rather grim Season 5 finale, Gabriel Macht hinted that there might be less seriousness in Suits Season 6 and that the “comedic charms from seasons past will return.”

“I think there will be more of a balance and a playful nature when we come back [for Season 6],” Macht teased. But for Suits creator Aaron Korsh, one thing’s for sure: “Nothing is ever going to be the same again.”

When asked if Harvey will visit Mike in prison, Korsh tweeted, “No, they’ll have absolutely no interaction this entire season. Not.” Harvey and Mike’s relationship is one of the primary arcs of Suits; it’s what made the show as it is. But if Korsh was serious, Mike’s imprisonment must have greatly affected his relationship with Harvey, whom he once blamed for his losing everything.

There’s also a possibility that Korsh could have been referring to Mike and Rachel’s relationship. Being left at the altar on your wedding day is no joke, and it’s hard to recover from that especially for Rachel. Although Mike’s intentions were good, Rachel had put in a lot of effort and sacrifice to keep his relationship with Mike, only to be abandoned like that.

With Mike locked up and Rachel very vulnerable, different elements will come knocking to threaten their relationship. Maybe someone from Rachel’s past will come along, like Logan for instance.

According to Yahoo TV, there will be no time jump for Season 6. The premiere will pick up from where the previous season left off.

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“It’s not finished being written, so I might change my mind, but the entire [Season 6 premiere] is the first night,” Korsh said. “It’s Mike’s first night in prison, combined with our people’s first night after discovering no one is left at the firm. It’s back-and-forth between those two things.”

In summation, Suits Season 6 will one big journey for the characters—a journey for survival, overcoming the obstacles and keeping each other together.