Rachel and Mike’s wedding was so tragic that there’s no way of telling if Rachel would ever survive that kind of heartache in Suits Season 6. The couple has gone to splitsville several times before, but is this really the end of it all?

Mike (Patrick J. Adams) is in prison for a two-year sentence. Suits creator Aaron Korsh previously stated that there will be no time jump, and Suits Season 6 will go straight to the madness surrounding Mike’s first night in jail.

Korsh told TV Guide that they are “not rushing to get him out,” which means viewers will get a detailed view of Mike’s life in prison and how everyone else is holding up in the outside world.

Jessica, Harvey and Louis will pick up the pieces of what’s left of Pearson Specter Litt. Rachel, on the other hand, will try to mend her broken heart.

Although Korsh explained that Rachel (Meghan Markle) understood why Mike had to call off the wedding and surrender himself to authorities, it is Mike’s two-year imprisonment that will really affect their relationship.

“They’re going to be apart for a two-year-ish period of time. That’s going to be tougher than not going through with the wedding,” Korsh said.

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Two years apart is a long time. With Mike and Rachel’s relationship now in limbo, will she find new love in Suits Season 6?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, four new characters will join the Suits cast this season. One of them is Malcolm Gets who will play Professor Dunbar, Rachel’s ethics instructor at Columbia Law. Dunbar will take Rachel under his wing, helping her score opportunities that will boost her legal expertise in the classroom and in the real world.

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Rachel’s relationship with Professor Dunbar might develop into something romantic, but it is unlikely that it will last long. This wouldn’t be the first time Rachel got tangled up with another guy, but if sparks do fly between the two, Rachel’s love for Mike will eventually pull her out of it.

Aaron Korsh also addressed the rumor about Rachel being pregnant in Season 6.

Suits Season 6 will air on July 13, 2016 on the USA Network.