Aaron Korsh’s legal drama “Suits” is returning with Season 6.  The success of Season 5 was the prime inspiration for the renewal.  Season 6, which is due on July 13, has plenty of rumors surrounding it. In fact, one of them is a question over Suits’ future. Could Season 6 be the last one?

Feeding the rumor mill is a new threat in the showbiz horizon that puts this fairly young drama’s future at risk.  It says that only a high-profile drama series can be perceived to be something of a hit. On the flip side, shows that are younger in age might have to bid goodbye to their fans.

Up until now, things are unclear, so there are multiple speculations around it. The cancellation of Showtime’s hit “Penny Dreadful” was the spark that kicked off such confusion.  The stars of the show are also  joining other continuing regular shows, says TV Line.

Going by the trend, “Suits’” stars Patrick J. Adams who plays Mike Ross and Gina Torres who we know as Jessica Pearson are already on other regular shows. Adams is in line for a regular series role on “Legends of Tomorrow” which films on the opposite coast of Suits. Torres auditioned for a pilot whose character’s name is in the title. In fact, if we consider the age of “Suits”, it is young in comparison to long-running shows like Supernatural, Legends or Grey’s Anatomy.

So many hit summer shows got the axe this May that fans are still in mourning. Will USA’s “Suits” share the same fate? Should fans of the show console themselves with the show’s sixth season?

In a comment on TV Line’s post, a few fans gave logical explanations on this speculation.

One wrote:

“I don’t think it’s Suits. It’s USA’s highest rated show and it isn’t new.”


Another commented:

“He’s (Patrick J. Adams) guest starring in the new season and was in the final moments of the season finale. He’s playing Rex Tyler.”