Okay, we all knew what we would be looking forward to after we have had our much-anticipated dose of “Batman V Superman;” another offering from Warner Bros bringing out all the evil in the upcoming “Suicide Squad.”

Through the months, we have seen teasers, behind-the-scenes happenings and even numerous fan theories piecing together what we have witnessed up until now. And much to the delight of fans across the globe, the new international trailer for the movie has been released.

The new trailer has beautifully put together based on the first glimpses and teasers we have seen so far. It comprises more of action shots and even shows off the human side of the Enchantress, portrayed by Cara Delevingne. As noted by ScreenRant, director David Ayer shares why he took on the task,

He says, “These people who are rejected by the world, who think they aren’t good people, beyond just ‘Hey, we’re villains and we do bad things’ but are really people who believe they are deserving of love and friendship.”

Take a look at the new trailer below:



And it looks like that isn’t all because USA Today has featured some of the high-res images, giving fans a peek into the team consisting of Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag, Will Smith as Deadshot and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc. The team is heavily armed and appears ready to face what lies ahead.

The excitement surrounding the movie isn’t limited to the eagerly awaiting fans, it turns out that the stars too are counting the days to get to see the complete movie. Reportedly, Margot Robbie shared that she is “dying to see the movie herself.” And well, so are we!

It sure is quite a wait since “Suicide Squad” hits theaters on August 5, 2015, but until then, we will keep digging for more teasers, trivia and information. Keep coming back for more updates on the highly anticipated movie.