Suicide Squad could hold the key to something big to come from the DC extended universe.

Mixed reviews have continued to plague Suicide Squad ever since it premiered. Except for an encouraging endorsement from Wonder Woman movie director Patty Jenkins, it seems favorable commentaries are rare. As expected, the reception of the movie has led to a slew of tweets from comical to severe. Meanwhile, satisfied fans took it upon themselves to address what they perceive as a misconception about the film. Hence, the petition to shut down critics.

However, public reception does not diminish the significance of Suicide Squad to the DC extended universe. As it turns out, the film opens up a completely new world. The film followed the comic book plot Nightshade Odyssey. Hence, the entry of metahumans, Enchantress and Incubus, as well as the mystical power of Katana’s sword. All of these point to the existence of the supernatural in the real world. The havoc wreaked by Enchantress suggested their immense power. Thus, it calls for a different group of superheroes to handle such threats of a magical nature.

This time around, the world needs John Constantine, Deadman, Zatanna, Raven, Xanadu and the Swamp Thing. Collectively, they form the Justice League Dark team. Marvel Cinematic Universe already made its entry into the supernatural world with the upcoming release of Doctor Strange. Guillermo del Toro helmed earlier efforts for the DCEU movie but dropped it. Yet the release of Suicide Squad could indicate that DC is picking it up again. However, Justice League Dark gets an animated feature before hitting the big screen. This follows in the footsteps of Suicide Squad that initially came out as Batman: Assault on Arkham, according to Comic Book.

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