Apparently, news about the movie “Suicide Squad” and its allegedly leaked trailer have made the fans more excited. While a previous article noted that Harley Quinn’s past will be shown on the teaser, a new information revealed that the trailer will show how Joker turned Dr. Quinzel into the crazy blonde character.

Heroic Hollywood recently shared a shot- for- shot breakdown of the 2nd trailer. In one quote, HH shared a vital information about Harley’s past.

“A topless Joker diving into a chemical tank. Joker pulling Harley out of chemical tank.”

Given the insight, Movie Pilot believes that “Suicide Squad” might be adapting the New 52 storyline. Those who are familiar with the comics already knew that Joker pushed Dr. Harlen Quinzel into the chemical bath, and then pulling the transformed character out from it.

Notably, the first trailer shows Joker using electrocution to hurt Harley Quinn. Movie Pilot notes that“maybe the electro shock therapy is the main course and the chemical bath is desert.”

Also, the site wonders about the woman lying on Joker’s table.  They are wondering if it is really Harley or June Moone- who will become the Enchantress.

“The trailer presents them both as doctors. Could Joker simply be trying to release the Enchantress through torture so he can escape Arkham?” as we quote. Should any of this be true, avid fans should be thrilled and happy that the upcoming movie “stays true to its original material.”

And since we mentioned Heroic Hollywood’s shot- for- shot breakdown, readers could notice that the scenes are paralleled by Queen’s lyrics of the hit “Bohemian Rhapsody.” They accounted the news via “trusted sources.” The full breakdown can be viewed on their site.

Fans of the DC Extended Universe might have to wait longer until the official release of the 2nd trailer.

“Suicide Squad” premieres on Aug. 5, 2016.