Some early reports suggest that “Suicide Squad” would revolve around The Joker. Others speculate that the upcoming movie will instead focus on Harley Quinn. Were all these reports wrong? Will the next DC movie really be about Batman instead?

Past trailers have confirmed that the iconic DC character will be in the movie. However, Batman News suggests his role might be bigger than fans earlier expected. Or, at least he will have three confirmed scenes in it. Gotham’s millionaire vigilante will have two scenes with Deadpool, one of which, Batman News hinted, would be pretty “emotional.” The other would be a flashback. The last confirmed Batman scene in the movie will involve Harley Quinn and The Joker’s car. Batman might take a backseat in this upcoming movie, but just how big a role will he play? Which other members of the titular squad will he tussle with? Fans will have to watch the movie when it hits the big screen on August 5 to find out.

Meanwhile, according to Tech Times, early reviews for the movie are already online. Warner Bros. earlier let a handful of lucky fans in California check out the movie at least three months ahead of its official release. Some of these fans took to social media to share what they thought.

“This is the movie that should have launched the [DC Extended Universe]. Perfection in film making, breathtaking,” one fan, Arjun Lal, said. 

“I recommend everyone go see ‘Suicide Squad’ in August! It is a pleaser! You will be surprised!” a reviewer called Lyssa wrote in all caps. She also commended one particular actress for her performance. “Margot Robbie was just a perfect Harley Quinn…Just perfectly crazy,” she said. Meanwhile, another fan, Alexis Harrold, thought “the movie was amazing! All the characters were played incredibly well!”