“Suicide Squad” promises to bring the bad guys together on a mission to save the world. As villains, it’s expected that these guys won’t drop their crazy, evil actions instantly. Harley Quinn even mentioned in the 1st movie trailer, “We’re bad guys. That’s what we do.”

Twenty One Pilots recently released the music video of the movie’s official soundtrack, “Heathens.” Throughout the video, there are snippets of footage showing Harley Quinn, Diablo, Boomerang, and more inside prison. Comicbookmovie.com noted that it seems the music video was shot on the movie’s Belle Reve Prison set.

Watch Twenty One Pilots “Heathens” music video for  “Suicide Squad” below

Twenty One Pilots seems to love the movie so much they got their very own “Suicide Squad” poster version.

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Check out the super villains’ newest posters here too.

Speaking to Yahoo, Director David Ayer revealed how the cast’s rehearsals got very intense.

“The rehearsal was very intense. It wasn’t a normal rehearsal, we’d talk about their lives, their history, and really got them to open up as people to each other. I also had them fight. I had them fight each other. You learn a lot about who a person really is when you punch them in the face. It gets rid of a lot of the actor stuff,” Ayer said.

Although viewers won’t get to see them fight each other, fans are indeed looking forward to Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Jared Leto’s Joker. These two villains are being rumored to have their own solo movies in the future.

Ayer previously revealed that Leto “wanted to make something really different” with his role. “I got the sense he was on a mission,” Ayer said. “This wasn’t just a movie for him… He wanted to break some rules, and that’s very compelling.” Meanwhile, Margot Robbie admitted that she hopes to do justice in her character and earlier teased Harley as “creepy, violent, crazy.”

“Suicide Squad” is set to hit the big screen on August 5.