There is a new addition to the multiple theories doing the rounds about Jared Leto’s character Joker in “Suicide Squad.”

As shared by HitFix, a recent fan theory proposes another idea of Jared Leto’s Joker. According to the theory, in the cinematic universe, the Joker could indeed be none other than – Robin. To recap a bit, the original Robin portrayed by Dick Grayson in “The Dark Knight Strikes Again” loses his mind owing to gene therapy and transforms himself into Joker.

The theory comes from the little details on two images. The first image features Joker in “Suicide Squad” with his body tattoo in place and the second being Robin’s suit in “Batman V Superman” trailer.

If fans look closely then they may clearly see, two damages on Robin`s suit match the scars on the Joker`s shoulders. Furthermore, in a leaked image which was soon deleted revealed that Ace Chemicals would feature in the movie and it is also known that Ben Affleck  may appear in a flashback in “Suicide Squad.” For those not in the know, Ace Chemicals is where Joker acquired his distinct look, by accidentally falling into a tub of chemicals.

But the theory is quickly denied by those Den of Geek, who stated, “the Robin costume that’s enshrined in the Batcave and defaced by Joker graffiti is intended to evoke the second Robin, Jason Todd, who was beaten to death and left in an exploding warehouse by the Joker in the story ‘A Death in the Family.'”

As noted by CinemaBlend, Jared Leto’s Joker is still a mystery and not much is known about the character besides all the intelligence which could be gathered from the short clip at Comic-Con which had him telling a victim on the operation table that he just intends to hurt them “really, really bad” and that he won`t be killing them. With Leto going all out to play the character and with epic Joker performers before him, it is bound to quite interesting to watch.

“Suicide Squad” is expected to hit theaters on August 5, 2016.