Movie lovers are counting down the days till “Suicide Squad” hits theaters and in the meantime are keeping an eye out for any bit of information available.

There is no denying that Jared Leto is rightly grabbing all the headlines for his portrayal of everyone’s favorite villain – The Joker.  There have been many speculations over his look and so far it turns out that the makers have managed to successfully keep it under wraps.

Many images and versions have surfaced online and it is hard to tell what exactly Jared Leto looks like when he transforms into the Joker. According to a recent report on Movie Pilot, fans who absolutely loathed his tattoos, can take a sigh of relief because that wasn’t his real look for the movie. To give further proof the article has “on-set spy photos” of Leto which show no tattoos.

However, some really good fan theories had emerged from the images that had begun to circulate. As noted by HitFix, a fan suggested that Joker in the movie, is none other than Robin. As many may recollect, the original Robin was played by Dick Grayson in the movie “The Dark Knight Strikes Again.” Here, Robin loses his mind since he undergoes the gene therapy and then transforms himself to be the Joker.

The fan-theory found root in the two images – that of Joker portrayed by Jared Leto and of Robin suit from the “Batman V Superman” trailer. The bullet holes on the suit bear an uncanny resemblance to that of Joker’s scar in Leto’s image as Joker that had recently surfaced. Even the position of the scars along the shoulders happen to be the same. However, as many theories out there, this one had loop holes.

As shared by, Den of Geek, “the Robin costume that’s enshrined in the Batcave and defaced by Joker graffiti is intended to evoke the second Robin, Jason Todd, who was beaten to death and left in an exploding warehouse by the Joker in the story ‘A Death in the Family.’”So,  we can add one more thing we know about the Joker from “Suicide Squad:” No tattoos.

“Suicide Squad” is expected to be released on August 5, 2016. Until then check back for more information on one of the most mysterious movie characters of our times.