“Suicide Squad” released its movie trailer last week. And while the trailer dropped a few details on our favourite villains, Harley Quinn’s (Margot Robbie) story seems to be an important highlight of the film.

According to Cinema Blend, the Comic Con crowd became very excited upon seeing Harley Quinn in the film’s sneak peek. After the movie trailer has been released, the site noted that fans will likely see more of Margot’s character. Snippets from the trailer seemed to reveal Harley’s past.

In a scene where The Joker seems to raid a laboratory, a woman with blonde hair, glasses and a doctor’s coat was seen. This could be Dr. Harleen Quinzel, Cinema Blend wrote. The woman was then seen lying on a slab and the next thing we see, The Joker is getting ready for some “harsh electroshock” on his subject.

Although it could be any female character, the site speculated that the villainous character might be planning to torture Harleen in that scene. DC fans know that Harleen was Joker’s psychiatrist before she became the villain’s right hand gal. If Director David Ayer adapts the New 52 storyline, viewers will know how The Joker turned her into the crazy Harley Quinn.

As mentioned on Screen Rant, Harley’s debut on “Suicide Squad” film will either “make or break” the film. Although the villainous character is unknown to most moviegoers, the site indicated that Harley seems to have a large role.

The site wrote,

“Harley appears to be the only character whose whole origin is depicted on screen and the one with the most potential for a full arc. Whether “Suicide Squad” will give Harley the shot at redemption she often receives in both the cartoons and comics remains to be seen, but there’s no denying how large her role in the film is going to be.”

“Suicide Squad” will hit the big screen on August 5.