With much hype and promotion, Suicide Squad hit the floor. But what was expected to be a great success, appeared to be a grand failure. The movie failed to live up to the overrated expectation that was built around it by wide publicity. The concept though is fresh and it is typically David Ayer film.

However, his risk of playing with some of the leading icons of the DC world in a way that no one else has done till date in a movie seemed not work well with the audience. The web world is buzzing with a lot of comments and there is also the flood of funniest tweets about the harsh reviews. We tried to gather them here.

Various review sites gave it bad remarks. It scored only 27% in Rotten Tomatoes and it gave a verdict that despite talented cast, it was not sufficient to save the movie as it had a muddled plot, vaguely written characters, and choppy directing. Wall Street Journal called the movie a trash in a word and in two words- ugly trash. It even said it will be wastage of words by saying anything else on the movie.

The twitter world is chirping with hilarious comments on the movie. Twitter has numerous such tweets.

One Twitter user said that she wishes DC to be taken over by Disney and tweeted:

Similarly another user said by reading the reviews of Suicide Squad he is getting scared of Wonder Woman.


An epic tweet was by Josh Lincoln Dickey, he wrote:

However, at the same time there are fans of DC and to be precise of Suicide Squad who aren’t too fine with accepting the negative remarks on the film. In fact, one upset fan, Abdullah Coldwater, started a petition to shut down aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes, as in his words : “Critics always give The DC Extended Universe movies unjust Bad Reviews… and that Affects people’s opinion.” reports EW.

Till now 7000 people have signed his petition. About which he has also clarified it is not about shutting sites like Rotten Tomatoes, but passing the message that there are many who don’t agree with the critics’ verdict on Suicide Squad.

What do you think, how the movie is? To know whether the Suicide Squad movie failed, go and watch it!