DC surprised a lot of fans when they dropped the first trailer for Justice League earlier this week. Ezra Miller’s take on the iconic speedster, the Flash, further added to the excitement of a lot of viewers. Part 1 of Justice League won’t hit the big screen for another year or so. But will fans actually see him earlier than expected? Will he really have a cameo in the Suicide Squad movie?

The upcoming movie will premiere next week. The film will include a number of characters, who are obvious fan favorites. However, these characters aren’t exactly your typical super heroes. Will DC’s favorite speedster come in to add a dash of flavor to the film?

Warner Bros. itself confirmed the cameo in the press notes the studio has been distributing at critics screening this past week. However, the studio kept mum about the exact details of his inclusion. According to Deadline, Miller only joined the Suicide Squad cast when they did several reshoots last spring.

This won’t be Miller’s first cameo as the Flash, though. The actor first debuted the character in two cameo scenes in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which premiered earlier this year. 

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What will Barry Allen’s exact role in Suicide Squad involve? How long will his appearance last? Will it really just be a cameo? Or will he play a bigger role? No word as of yet to confirm this. What’s certain right now, though, is that Miller will also appear as the Flash in his very own own standalone movie. Rumors suggest it will come out in 2018. However, DC has yet to confirm a premiere date for his solo film.

The first half of Justice League meanwhile will open on November 17, 2017. Just how big a role will the Flash have when he shows up on the big screen this week? Fans might have to wait until the film’s premiere to find out for sure. The Suicide Squad movie will hit theaters on August 5.