Australian actress Margot Robbie has had a lot of encounters with the press recently. This makes sense, since she does have quite a number of movies coming up. However, one of her recent interviews drew flak from Aussies everywhere. Will Robbie’s fans Down Under really miss out on her first DC movie because of that single interview? Will the actress’ own country really ban the upcoming Suicide Squad movie?

The Harley Quinn star is Vanity Fair’s cover girl this July. Non-fiction author Rich Cohen did her profile for the magazine, which a lot of people reacted negatively to. But this broadly negative reaction wasn’t because of Robbie’s movie itself. According to Page Six, the profile drew ire from a lot of people because of the way Cohen phrased his cover story on Robbie.

The Dalby-born actress’ fans need not worry about her upcoming movies too much, though. Suicide Squad will still hit theaters Down Under as scheduled. The Vanity Fair writer, on the other hand, might need to watch his back if he ever chooses to visit Oz.

This isn’t exactly surprising. He did describe Robbie’s homeland as “America 50 years ago… sunny and slow.” He also called the country “a throwback” where you should visit for “throwback people.”

Cohen also suggested that Australians themselves might be from “50 years ago” since they all still  “live and die with the plot turns of soap operas in Melbourne and Perth… still dwell in a single mass market in Adelaide and Sydney,” he wrote.

Fans on social media are not the only ones displeased by Cohen’s story, though.

The country’s own national newspaper, The Australian, also hit Vanity Fair back for their Margot Robbie profile. “If there’s one thing Australians will not stand for, it is being ridiculed by America,” the Australian said.

The Suicide Squad movie will hit the big screen on August 4.

Check out the latest trailer for the Suicide Squad movie below.