Jared Leto is quite a versatile actor, singer-songwriter in Hollywood but not necessarily in the limelight. This is because he doesn’t do too many movies. In fact, he does very few but he chooses some of the best films: “Fight Club,” “American Psycho,” “Requiem for a Dream,” “Mr. Nobody,” and “Dallas Buyer’s Club” for which he won his first Oscar. He is also the face of the ultimate Batman villain, the Joker in David Ayer’s highly anticipated “Suicide Squad.” Now, it has been learned that the actor is set to star in a WWII thriller entitled “The Outsider.”

Deadline reports that the story of director Martin Zandvliet’s (“Land of Mine”) “The Outsider” is set in post-WWII Japan, with a script by Andrew Baldwin (“Bastille Day”). It tells the story of an imprisoned American soldier (Leto) who is released with the help of his yakuza cellmate. Following his release, he sets out to earn their respect and repay his debt but finds himself having become an accessory to the dangerous criminal underworld.

This will be the second feature Leto has signed after earning plaudits for “Dallas Buyer’s Club,” the first being “Suicide Squad,” which will be released in August 5. As for Zandvliet, “The Outsider” will be his first English language feature. His previous movie, “Land of Mine,” was also a World War II tale in the Danish language. It told the true story of a young group of German POWs tasked with digging up land mines in Denmark after WWII. About a thousand POWs lost their lives or limbs as many of the mines exploded while being dug out.

There are quite a lot of World War related movies being shot as of late. There is Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated World War II film, “Dunkirk” then there is Lenny Abrahamson’s WWI feature, “The Grand Escape.”

From the synopsis, “The Outsider” sounds like a very intense post-war picture. Jared Leto, who seeks difficult and challenging roles, will hopefully find complexity in the character and use it to his best advantage like he often does.

Deadline notes that Waypoint Entertainment will finance with Ken Kao (“The Nice Guys,” “Knight of Cups”) and producing alongside John Linson (“Sons of Anarchy”) and Art Linson (“Heat,” “Fight Club”) under their Linson Entertainment banner. Bloom will handle international sales.

Principal photography for “The Outsider” is set to begin this fall and will be released in 2018, states Movieweb.