The cast of “Suicide Squad” got physically, literally, with each other during the production of the movie.

Director David Ayer revealed that he made his actors punch each other during their rehearsals to better know each other. 

In an interview with Yahoo, Ayer discussed the rehearsal project and stressed that the “Suicide Squad” practice was totally different from typical procedures.

“The rehearsal was very intense. It wasn’t a normal rehearsal, we’d talk about their lives, their history, and really got them to open up as people to each other. I also had them fight. I had them fight each other. You learn a lot about who a person really is when you punch them in the face. It gets rid of a lot of the actor stuff.”

Unfortunately, these intense off cam scenes will definitely not be included in the final cut of the movie.

The movie has grabbed the headlines recently because of the bizarre behind-the-scenes behavior of its cast. Jared Leto’s passionate acting technique to effectively portray The Joker, in particular, has received mix reactions from fans. It was previously reported that he even hung out with murderers and psychopaths in preparation for his role as the Clown Prince of Crime in “Suicide Squad.” There was also a time that Leto sent co-star Margot Robbie a live black rat and his other co-stars a dead pig.

Despite Leto’s antics, Robbie finds it amusing. “It’s really interesting. Sometimes it can be awkward, sometimes it can be terrifying, most of the time it’s just funny. I’m trying not to laugh because he says such hilarious things. Jared’s really funny, and terrifying, and just nuts. Absolutely nuts. It’s really interesting to work with someone so method because I haven’t worked with someone doing that before,” said Robbie about Leto playing The Joker.

According to Screen Rant, Ayer even hired a therapist to be on set to guide cast members has been deeply immense with their characters.

“Suicide Squad” will hit theaters on August 5.