Suicide Squad debuted in theaters a few weeks ago yet news about the sequel is already out. While others find the film interesting, others believe that there was one thing missing on it. Let us take a look at the possible storyline for Suicide Squad 2.

The moviegoers were expecting high of Joker and Harley Quinn’s love story. Perhaps, because the previous reports have been hyping the story of DC’s most bizarre couple.

But as for their individual impressions, actors Margot Robbie and Jared Leto has been very good. The actress’ portrayal of the female antihero is almost on point.

On the other hand, Leto only appeared in some scene, but his acting skills really captured the crazy character. However, Cinema Blend noticed that there are some problems that the couple should fix.

According to the website, the film was not able to tell the story behind Harley Quinn’s madness. How she was before falling in love with the Joker and what are her struggles before transitioning into the mad character.

The website pointed out that there were some essential scenes that were cut. This includes Harley found and confronted Joker and then pulled a gun on him while he’s inside a car.

The movie also showed them dipped into the chemicals, and the outlet thinks that “there’s a lack of choice on Harley’s part.” They suggested that Suicide Squad 2 must show the scene where she struggles to decide for herself and her future with the Joker.

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Another thing, the previous film appears to “romanticize” their relationship. Notably, the way Joker has treated Harley Quinn is way too different that what was shown on the film.

Naturally, Joker is an abusive and manipulative partner who only uses Harley Quinn to his advantage. On the other hand, the villainess is blind because of her feelings for the bad guy.

As per Cinema Blend, the relationship in the movie was way too typical that what it should be. But the readers have mixed opinions about the matter.

But aside from these “loopholes,” there could be one thing that the viewers were not able to see. According to another Cinema Blend article, the possibilities are quite high.

Nevertheless, we shall see if there will be changes when, or if there will be a Suicide Squad 2 in the works.